Donnerstag, 3. September 2009

An eBook post for my English and American readers!

Today I wanna write a post also for my English or American readers! I hope I've got readers from all over the world, therefore I'll take this step.
Okay Ladies and Gentlemen, let's write about eBooks. In the United States, this form of reading is more popular than in the whole European area. Hey, but don't worry! We'll definitely following! The eBooks should not be a replacement for books, they only should be an addition. All this will be change. Just look at the eMails. Does anybody still write letters right now? Or take a look for long-play records (LP's). Everybody is listening to music from CD's or MP3's. Isn't it? And the same will be with eBooks. eBooks are long-living, practically, comfortable. And with the new eBook Reader (for example eSlick Reader from Foxit) the whole thing is perfect. Because with an eBook Reader you'll have your complete book-collection with you. Anywhere and anytime.
So, for what are you waiting for? Order your first eBook now! Ebozon is the perfect Online-Shop for eBooks. Take a look and be amazed! Have fun with eBooks from Ebozon.


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