Montag, 15. März 2010

The Smile Of India

eBook – A selection of short-stories

A remarkable tour of force.
“The Smile of India” by author Hunk Finn is a highly original and comic travelogue on that most mysterious places of Indian subcontinent.
In its pages we meet hoards of armless, legless and leprosy ridden wrecks of human beings, where begging is a time honoured profession, and the mutilation often self inflicted.
The numerous gods have their hands on it, as well, and must be appeased for who would have Durga, the goddes of war and very vengeful angered, or Shiva, who accepts only cash.
Holy cows still wander the streets, and byways of new mechanized India, only instead of ox-drawn carts, it is modern cars and trucks, they immobilize.
The caste system, too, reigns supreme though legally abolished for who would dare lit a finger, to perform a chore not endemic to ones own caste?
Immortalized in a series of vignettes by an author with a truly Rabelaisian touch.
„The Smile of India“ artfully captures the mix and clash of cultures in a land, where the people are quixotic to say the least and the sights and sounds are uniquely India own.

(Vantage Press New York).

Keywords: india, short-story, short-stories

Author: Hunk Finn / Scope: PDF 84 pages / Language: English / Released 2010

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