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100.000 Miles of Solitude

eBook - For more than three years Maarten Munnik travelled on his motorbike around the world. From Europe through Asia to Australia, and from South America to Alaska. 100,000 miles of culture, adventure and most of all butt-pain. Every single day would be worthy of a chapter in this book, but there is just no printing-press large enough to print a book like that. Therefore you will have to settle with this collection of 'tales from the road'. Well aware of his own 'unsophisticated' view on the world, Maarten tells his tales the way he experienced them himself. He is no hero, not even a real adventurer. As he says himself: He is just stupid and naive and that combination leads him into, through and out of many unusual situations. Sometimes dramatic, sometimes hilarious, but always different.
Keywords: motorbike, travel, world, europe, asia, south america, alaska, australia

Author: Maarten Munnick / Scope: PDF 288 pages / Languages: English / Released 2007

100.000 Miles of Solitude

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