Donnerstag, 12. August 2010

Enjoy your food - Ayurveda and acidity -

eBook – The easiness of being – volume 2

Step 1 Your bioenergies – understand and balance them

Step 2 Avoiding acidity - the cause of disease

Step 3 Nutrition made easy

This book is a natural approach to more health. It is a based on the ancient wisdom of longevity, called "Ayurveda". This wisdom has been broadened with modern knowledge about balanced acid/alkaline nutrition and the general but hidden cause of disease called "acidity".

As today most of us encounter more or less acidity of our body, you will receive many useful hints how to balance and avoid acidity. You will also find some recipes, so have fun trying them. After all it is so easy to stay in balance: be aware what your body needs and no matter what you eat, enjoy it ...

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