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The journey - experiences with the invisible realms -

eBook – The easiness of being – volume 6

Chapter 1 The wake-up call
Chapter 2 The journey together
Chapter 3 Channeling
Chapter 4 Past lives
Chapter 5 The awakening and new consciousness

This is no spiritual course book but a true story written by life itself. It invites you to smile, recognize, feel and to reflect about yourself. As we are responsible for everything we experience in life. It describes some episodes from a journey with so many different facets – a journey to ourselves, to the re-discovering of WHO we truly are. This journey of awakening is unique in the whole universe and humankind. This awakening leads to a kind of melting or integration of our soul and our physical body during this lifetime. It is a kind of re-awakening – also called ascension - into a new consciousness …
Do you wonder why things always happen to you in a certain way …?
Do you sometimes hear a gentle voice inside yourself but do not listen to it …?
Do you like to know how to contact your inner voice …?

In these days of change and turn of eras we all need more knowledge about the invisible spiritual realms. The individual episodes want to show the reader that having contact to our inner voice – the voice of our soul – as well as guidance by the invisible realms can be something very natural and helpful. This guidance may come into your life in form of people, animals, things or coincidence. If we are open-minded and trust this guidance then the easiness of being can magically unfold ...

So, I like to pass on my inner knowingness in order to avoid per-judgments and fear. This book reflects my personal experiences with the spiritual realms and it can help the reader to perceive a new understanding of reality. So finally we can BE the compassionate and wise BEING who we were meant to be in the first place...

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