Montag, 27. September 2010

The moon is feminine - Ayurveda and women -

eBook – The easiness of being – volume 4

Step 1 Your bioenergies – understand and balance them
Step 2 The difference of gender
Step 3 The small abc of the moon
Step 4 The hormonal dance
Step 5 Well-being for women

This book is a holistic approach to more inner balance for women. It is based on the ancient wisdom of longevity, called „Ayurveda“, and has been broadened with modern knowledge about hormones.

Nowadays most women are involved in every area of life. They tend to satisfy the need of everyone, being a female property, and can exhaust themselves. As soon as we women start to lovingly accept the uniqueness of our feminie side and understand the ingenious hormonal dance, we can regain the responsibility for our own well-being. So we can be caring and at the same time can charmingly enjoy the easiness of being a woman …

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