Sonntag, 3. Oktober 2010

How You Get What You Want

eBook – More Success By Better Communication

This book will show you how to use communications strategically, tactically and specifically to achieve your personal, professional, political or business objectives faster and more efficient.

How you get, what you want" is about the powerful tools of communication and their mechanisms and laws. And of course, the amazing results that can be achieved if one understands and masters the tools of communication. The author with much humor practically takes you ever deeper into the world of communication and shows you how you can use it to get, what you want. Whether it involves communicating with friends or family members, business partners, customers or politicians, even with gangsters, such as racketeers - who ever masters the keys of communication, will always be able to convince his or her counterpart easier and more effectively.

The topic is communication, which is always influenced by the systems in which people move as well as their communicative rules. Luigi Carlo De Micco argues that a person is not solely the product of his own individual psyche, but crucial to his behavior is also the interdependent relationship with his communicative environment. Methods are to this end presented, which leads to changes in the opinions, views, and even behavior of the respective counterpart in the communicative process for one’s own benefit.

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Autor: Luigi Carlo De Micco / Umfang: 273 Seiten / Format: ePUB / Sprachen: Englisch / Erschienen 2010

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