Dienstag, 12. Oktober 2010

Researching with Michael

eBook – Following your inner voice

Research and development of a new technology by guidance of conscious angelic beings is the key issue of this book. A holistic water desalination method is created by means of the spiritual realms.

A subtle beaming device changes his life: Ruediger experiences a mystical initiation which takes place in an ancient ruined castle build from solid rock. Unusual healings happened to him there too. He mets mystical people who support him and show him the real task of his life. He leaves Germany and emigrates to Namibia. There he meets in mysterious manner his wife to be. Karin is a medium and works as channel for him. He develops an unique sea water desalination system which works without power in cooperation with her and a team of spiritual entities, learning that he already worked on the same issue in an other life long time ago.

An exciting, real story, very suitable for these days of paradigm shift which provides an surprising overview about our holistic history and the core question: why is everything like it is?

Schlüsselwörter: ebook, researching with michael, following your inner voice, ruediger lang, rüdiger lang, esoterik

Autor: Ruediger Lang / Umfang: PDF 60 Seiten / Sprachen: Englisch / Erschienen 2010

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