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eBook – The easiness of being – volume 1

Step 1 Your bioenergies – understand and balance them

Step 2 The small abc of stress management

Step 3 Inner balance especially for women

Step 4 Be happy – overcome anger and worrying

Step 5 Holistic lifestyle for body and mind

This book is a practical approach to well-being. It is a based on the ancient wisdom of longevity, called „Ayurveda“. This wisdom has been broadened with modern knowledge about stress management – especially a chapter about inner balance for women.

All of this knowledge assists you in understanding and balancing your personal bioenergy. „A caterpillar turns into a butterfly ...” is a synonym for the bioenergy hidden inside each of us. As soon as this bioenergetic power has been balanced, it will enable us to much better handle stress and live a life full of harmony and well-being ...

Let us take responsibility for our life NOW. Responsibility also means more liberty. The more we are aware of our thoughts and emotions and the more we consciously choose our life's circumstances, the more patient and caring we become with ourselves and others. In turn this inner balance will mirror itself in a more balanced relationship and outer world ...

Reducing stress and well-being are not unreachable goals, but rather the result of selfresponsible and conscious living. Then there is no necessity for anger, disease or fighting. The more we are in our individual balance the more relaxed and happier we are. This book provides you ample food for thought and many practical tips for your personal transformation to more well-being and less stress …

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